“This is the time of the year when love is at it is edge. It is the month of love, affection and its expression. It is the month of passion which is expressed for the special person of everyone’s life. It is the second month of the year, the month of valentine.

It is said that there can be no better time in life to express or propose our feelings and desires in front of our partner or the one which we want it to be our partner. As it is rightly said that at this point of time we can really smell the love in the air, which lingers in every wind, in every breeze that we feel. It is the best time for a person to propose his/her feelings in front of his loved one not only because there have been days assigned for this in the month of love but also because you sense it really well at this point of time .

Everything around makes a call that”Yes! This is it, this is the perfect time” but as all good also have a pinch of darkness to it, as every layer of gold have to go through burning fire to be refined, in the same way love is also not really quick and easy to get. I also found myself in a similar situation few days ago. I would really like to share it with you so please as soon as you get time please reply me on my E-mail ID, its Harish this side.

“This is our first E-mail for the day or should I say of this romantic night. Today on this day of the year which is the most waited day of the year for all the lovers or for those have felt the feeling of love. So today I would really like to request all our listeners to tell us what the feel about or what do they feel is love? So call me now it’s for only this hour after this hour we are gonna change switch to something else, so call in now, you know the number don’t you if you don’t then this is the number 9811321321”
“Do call me I m waiting….” I said in a seductive tone.
ey I am Aarush or as many people know me as ‘Cupid’ , Yes I know that it sounds unusual but it’s true, my fame name or stage name is ‘ Cupid’. Actually I am a RJ (that’s an abbreviation for Radio Jockey) I have been a RJ for now from last 2 years and I have quite liked my job. In a small span of time I have earned quite a good reputation, I am a well known name in every household and especially amongst young cause want I feel is that I am their ‘Love Guru’ no, no I not bragging about myself but it’s true in my city many (which comprises 64 % of people in Delhi) know me. It’s not the most famous show but its rated 6th most heard show in Delhi. Hey wasn’t I telling about myself so I am a RJ but it’s not my prime work, my prime work is studying in NCHMCT University at the Institute Of Hotel Management of New Delhi, I am student of hotel management