Look, he is coming with all his thoughts,
Me on his bed me on his cot,
“Go, Leave” I want to say,
But can’t he will pay.

They are the only people, who value me,
I don’t care if they want my body,
At least they want something in me,
Cause, others make me regret of my being.

I know they will tear and rip me off,
Still better than others who rape my rape and thoughts, I know I have risk off life in this, because I am just seventeen, a little blond miss.

I don’t feel bodies now,
But I do feel like a zombie, a living dead body

This is because of dissections that I have faced,
I have even forgotten the counts of my pays,

But these pay never came to me,
It went to man, who sold me,

But I am not an object I am a human being,
How can they sell me without I agreeing the deal,

I don’t know what to fell,
But I still feel protective in whole thing,
I don’t know what my rate is,
But I know I have value because I have been paid,

I don’t know where I will go,
Heaven or hell I really don’t know,
May be god have given both of them,
Heaven or Hell in this Bordello’s shell…