10 years, over 10 million viewers, and infinite timeless moments…

A show that can just happen once. A response that can never be predicted and a cast that can never be neglected. FRIENDS was a show that made history making people laugh,cry and showed most of all, represented what actually love and friendship is.

Six people living in Manhattan, struggling in their lives , in their work, in their love, but the thing which kept them going was their friendship, their friends.

Chandler Bing , Rachel Green , Ross Gellar , Monica Gellar(Bing), Joey Tribianni and Phobe Buffay. Six names who had all the elements to keep up a perfect group of people who touched all events of our lives.

It is a show, which is worth keeping and reliving again and again. I have all of its seasons on my computer. I must have seen each episode over 50 times but every time I turn it on , it’s a new experience all over again.

Any one in this world who wants see what real love , real relations and what real friends are… HAS TO GO WATCH FRIENDS!!!!!!!!