Nowadays I come across a lot of people who are just so furious with the people who are practicing astrology or other occult sciences. The common reason I think of those people being agitated is because they believe that all the astrologers are fooling around with their gimmicks. Is that the truth? I would say no, but I do agree that people have become manipulative and mean enough to keep their personal benefits into consideration before they help others.

Astrology is not all about predicting what is the up next in future rather its a tool can help you choosing your life path and letting you know that what you have to do when you are stuck on a crossroad. What practioners forget is our destiny is different from our luck. Destiny has been always ruled by the action of free-will whereas luck is something you just get as a gift from the almighty. Why people actually visit astrologers is not because they want to know what is in their future rather they are more curious to see that what will be the result of their actions that they have taken or are about to take.

Astrologers just don’t predict for you, in fact they also bring you in front of your own mirror and make you look at your actions and intentions. They show you what you have done, what is on your mind and what you can you do and at the same time as a cherry on the cake they tell you what will be the effect, consequence and result of the actions.

How accurate is it? That is the most common and randomly asked question to astrologers and the answer to it is 75%-80% but for that the astrologer has to have a great calculation and at the same time he needs to put his intuitive thoughts at work and if the inquirer wants the predicted thing should come out to be true then he/she must do things according to what they have been advised to do.

Do remedies work this is also one question which has been debated a lot amongst the cult of astrologers but the only answer to it what I can give is, It cannot change what has happened or what is being going on but yes surely it prepares you incautiously for the unseen and can also give emotional and mental power to fight out those tough circumstances.

So after knowing all these things I think the frustration or protest that people have again astrologers might lessen up a little.