At times when we feel low or a bit left out we feel to be with our self but at that moment a friend of our’s comes over and starts talking to us then initially we try to ignore the fact that we are upset and slowly as he/she talks starts getting deeper than after a while we forget that we were feeling of depression somewhere deep inside.

It happens either unconsciously or rather consciously but it does happen. And a similar kind of effect a healing therapy gives when it takes place on us.

What happens actually is when this friend approaches you all the enthusiastic and vibrant energies of his surrounds you and your actual phase of negativity gets overshadowed by his/her sparkling energies. It might not be constant but it surely helps you in getting over the dark side of life.

I strongly feel that it is natural form of healing but it is only momentous because after a while when that source of energy leaves your AURA it throws you back on the same square where you started and even at times people just throw themselves back on the phase where they were. As it’s real easy to do so , melancholic songs , depressing photo arts, dark poetry all expressions of sadness around may be a form of sharing or throwing away the pain inside but what it actually do is make you feel that pain more and more when ever you look around that material .

Throwing away the obstacles is the first thing person should do to terminate all the factors which act as a barrier to look beyond the valley of depression prevailing in that person. This principle is also the core concept of every varied form of healing around.

So next time you go for a healing session do keep it mind that elementary healer can be initiated by you.