I was at the cathedral church of New Delhi which is in Gole market at the Christmas eve’, there I saw movie on this movie which was being played by the church authority on the Projector to let people know the life path of JESUS CHRIST, it was a biographical movie which was extremely impressive and deeply influential to me, as to imagine THE GOD’S exist on the this earth and still having traces of it which was way more different and unique from Mythologies of other Religions.
One thing which was eye halting in the movie was the moment when The Christ healed a small boy in the villlage who accidently had poisoness food and all Christ did to him was “Closed Your Eyes” touched him on his chest and “You are Alright , feel” Thays all he said.

Click !!! The next moment the boy got up and figured out that he was perfectly alright .

This was quite amazing to see and at the same time it was confusing as I could not figure out how could this be possible.

A similar kind of reference of this event is even found in the Indian Mythology in the form of SRI SAI BABA. He also practiced a similar kind of healing , either it was miracle or either it was something else but it was confusing for sure.

Later after this event I heard a divine healing therapy called REIKI. It was very much close to what I saw on that LCD screen.

It was a form of healing having its traces to monk Mikao Usui and Japan it had symbols which where worked upon to heal people and it was even possible to heal people from distance. That was also similar to what these holistic figures did. Their action of blessing humans from far was as just what Reiki channels do.

So did Holistic Figures like Christ and Sai Baba knew Reiki is this form of healing is from there??? Reiki masters have no dominant evidences to it. It is still questionable and I am very curious about what is really behind this curtain and till now I have no answer to it but in future I really hope to find an answer to it.