A lot of people are confused about a fact that how can few cards can predict future or tell about their personality; tell there positives and negatives just by the choice of cards they make at a specific moment.

Another query that a lot of people have about tarot cards is that how can they be so logical as every other time a person will pick some other card then “how can it be accurate and exactly the same to what you predict in the last session”

Here is the answer to it – Tarot Deck is a pack of 78 cards and every individual card have at least over thousand or even more meanings at times, how it works is that when ever a person picks cards for a session then those cards formulates a unique pattern which will again and again tell the same prediction as it was done earlier.

The accuracy of tarot cards depends on how the enquirer forms his/her question , For Example: “Will I get Married?” and “Will I get married in coming two years?” In these questions, the latter one will be more precisely answered rather than former one.

Tarot cards are a great medium to know about yourself as it deals with past, present and future and at the same time and tells you where your actions or karmas are leading you.