What ever people eat nowadays in restaurants is a highly moderated form of the authentic dish. Authenticity of food in India is lost and it’s really painful to see that because the richness of the Indian cuisine can not be found in any other cuisine. The sole reason of these manipulations was time and enhancement of the flavor of the food. As this practice is being followed by chefs or cooks (halwais) without any set standards, the authenticity of the dish started deteriorated. Many people don’t even know the traditional way of cooking some dishes. 

 For example: Dal Makhani, which is usually a casual and obvious choice in any restraurant, takes 8 – 12 hours to get prepared. It’s earlier way for preparation was on a earthen griller (Tandoor). Another example is of shahi paneer, which has to be in white gravy authentically but usually chefs prepare it in Red gravy based on tomato where as shahi paneer is all based on milk products and few shahi and rich Ingredients such as Khus Kus and Cashew Paste. These are some basic facts not known by common crowd. As a part of hospitality sector, the most dominant business creating sector, I felt that that the youth should be aware of these basic and elementary knowledge about what they are actually eating and what they really deserve to eat. To share on this knowledge I will be regularly updating recipes, which are authentic to the core but are not followed as they should be and adding up the variation to save the time and not the flavor and authenticity. So anyone who really feels that he deserves to eat real, be in touch with my posts