It was a Sunday and I was hanging around with my friends in CP and all of a sudden or conversation shifted from usual gossips to novels and young writers. So one of the friends from our group (Vishal) just injected this thought in our head that we had to read “The White Tiger” The booker prize winner book by Aravind Adiga.

So all of us (5 in number) headed towards this book store in Janpath named Delhi Book Store near a rabbit house which at times can attract you more than the pretty girls around in that area.

So we walked in the store and there was a whole shelf just booked with “The Book” we were searching for, it had all the publicity banners around the shelf ” the booker winner” and blah blah….

We picked the book and straight away went to the payment counter and there we realized that the book was of Rs. 395 (which quite close to my subject book) but money was not a concern then , curiosity was.

There we were with “The White Tiger” in our hand and walking pass the street we saw a shop having banners having labels on his entrance ” Novels starting From Rs.25″.

Curiosity was already in our heads so we all entered the shop which was not even 6×6 ft. in length and breath but had a large collection of books and the best part of the deal was all of them were sold on cheaper prices than their printed prices.

We were just having run eyes over the books, when we found that though the books sold in that shop were second or even third hand but they were all in readable condition and included collection of all the who’s who writers such as Chetan Bhagat, Salman Rushdie, Neale Donald Walsh, all were there.

Another great thing some books were 5 times cheaper than their original rates. The owner of the shop was an old aged man (looking like a skeikh miya) who even offered bargain to novels as they were some left out tomatoes and another feature to his deal was that 80% of the money was returned to the buyer if the person returns the book after reading.( But who return’s books after reading, Do they??)

Now the important part, we tried to fix a deal over “the book” and it came out that in 60-90 rupees we could have owned the book that made us paid Rs.395.

So now what I think as soon I find a catchy book a store , I say this to my self,

“Do I Buy This , Or Go Over To Janpath???”