” Next Station is….” “Please Stand Clear Off The Doors”
Few announcements, which are almost familiar to everyone living in Delhi. These are the announcements of Metro trains all around Delhi. Under the speakers of these you will find the sound of people talking sounds like hizzing of bees but if any conversation turns your attention then it is surely going to be new and spicy story be heard.
If you try to notice and will surely notice travelers with their friends are talking to their traveling partners about their business, every single one sounds like a sage of some land, talking and giving suggestions about their partner’s problem with all the conviction.
Lover’s spending time on platform leaving metros and trying to find moments to hold their partners.
The most you will see is people traveling, talking on phone, talking so loud that at times you will that how can it be audible to the other person on the other side of the phone, or texting with such intense emotions as if it’s there last trip ever.
You won’t even know vibes full emotions will be coming your way as soon as the gate of any metro train opens or when ever you will be waiting for metro to come. You can find these kind of emotions waiting all around you. So next time you enter a metro station remember that you are entering the Hub of Emotions.