“Hey son, so what all have you learned cooking?”
“Kya Kya banana sekha?”
This is the first question you will be asked after telling that you are from hotel management background.
One expects that as a hotel management student, you will know how to cook, you should be a good cook and what all you know is cooking. That is all what people believe and want to see when the scenario is totally different.
But people don’t understand that hotel management is not just about cooking. It’s also about about service, hygiene and planning events.
Hotel management does have sector like food and beverage service department but that does not mean that every individual studying it is into boozing, hotel management teaches you how to cook mutton , chicken etc. but does not force you to have it.
Thought process of people have to revised and then should be brought forward.
Some people don’t even hesitate in saying that hotel management students don’t have 1 women character, listening to comments like “you have all access to rooms isn’t it?”, “so you must be providing room service isn’t it?”

Perceptions are stereotype and they have to be modified.