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don’t know what am I going to write , don’t know what should I write , don’t know what am I writing but what I do know is , I am writing. In this very moment I am writing. This awareness is what we keep on searching all throughout in our lives

Some of us find it and many of us don’t but the point is the that the moment we find this awareness the more we get detached and we are more relaxed. The more we get rid of the worries , the stress but there is a little problems connected to the awareness which is too understand what awareness is. So let me just help you to get through this, awareness is something very simple yet we haven’t been able to save it because we are in habit of being complex. 

Awareness understands of knowing that what you want to do and not what you are supposed to do, or taught to do, or asked to do or any further suggestion. When you understand that you can be satisfied when know what you are doing or implying is you then there will be no more struggle because then you will be satisfied. You will not have to worry anymore; you not have to fight anymore because you will be satisfied with your actions. But one thing is very important here, which is stopping you to work for results. We are disappointed when we desired something else than what we expected but when there is no wishful work or result oriented action then there will be no disappointment. 

Mend y our actions towards experience rather than results , you win at times and lose at times but in both the cases ,its temporary but experience never fades in fact it motivates to make use of it ,exploit it , explore it , discover. So explore the experiences you have, discover yourself by being aware.  

Have you ever thought or imagined how it would be if you know that people nationwide are watching you through the windows of their TV screens. It can be scary, really scary and it gets more haunting when you are on the screen giving advices to people about their lives and to deal with it. 

Pragya Channel gave me this experience on 15th of October, 2010. It was a task which I obviously had no idea about. It was told to me that it will be a show and I will have to deal with issues then and there and there can and should not be any mistakes. I will accept that it made me a little nervous but soon Studio lights, make up, pre talk on the topic was done are we were all set to roll. Half and show which had a runtime of 21 minutes and once after the introductory music started to play and the shoot started the time followed like a stream from the cliff. 

The topic of balancing person and professional life and soon our first segment was done and then remaining two was nothing to worry about. The show went great, a lot of Facebook comments, texts came to me and I had great fun reading the comments like “dude!! You look hot on the screen “hilarious it was, I still have my doubts about that one but now each week something is happening I hope it never stops.