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First Article.

It was in MY times , An Area Supplement of Times OF India in New Delhi. It came out on 4th June,2010.
Awarapan from Jism

Tose Naina Lage from Anwar

Tujhe Dekh Dekh Sona from Kalyug.

Mann Ki Lagan from Paap

Sajna Aa Abhi Ja from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2

"They Say"



“People choose the paths that grant them the greatest rewards for the least amount of effort.”

“The air is keeping him from breathing air. Let’s go with that for the irony.”

“Twenty-year olds fall in and out of love more often than they change their oil filters. Which they should do more often.”


“It has been said that time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it is never gone.”

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

‘Let’s look death in the face and say, “Whatever man…” 

Imagine, it’s 4 am in the morning, you recently had a breakup with your girlfriend and it wasn’t a really peaceful breakup. She calls you and her voice suggests, in fact affirms that she had been crying from hours. We all you human after all so you feel bad and all she asks is “Do you still love me?”, “I can’t live without you, just tell me that you love me”. 
Any sane and intelligent human being will be scared about the consequences that may come his way after he says, “Sorry, I don’t love you anymore”. You can never predict what may come your way next, a cut down nerve or a bottle of rat poison imbibed. So what would you do at that moment? Say the truth or try to console her with the lie? No doubt that 1 lie will make you go through prevarication but isn’t it better than taking away a life which was special to you at one point of time in your life.
Lies are never righteous but they are better than bitter truths at times. Many other instances can just state that how they are better but the decision lies in your hands, you can choose to kill or to save a life.

The Real Test…

Until yesterday everything was fine, there was no big deal on what to write but today is the real test to search what to write, I don’t want this blog to be an account of just my personal vent out sessions or my diary entries, I want it to be some more than that, something which people will enjoy reading and say “Man, That is interesting”.

So after 7 minutes of already written content I have figured out that I will write about confusions of a human head. Simple math you write what you are good at and I am writing about confusions because that is what I am right now, “A Confused Man”.

Confusions makes a person funny at times , he/she starts doing what he or she would have never thought of doing in a sane and logical head set. It’s like a jam for brain where it gets stuck on the crossroads of thoughts and every way seems to be perfectly right or all ways seem messed up. Instances of such incidents can be many, and by many I mean close to infinite. It is a funny saying in India that “jo shadi ka laadu woh pachtae aur jo na khae woh bhi pachtae” which means a person who gets married curses it and the one who doesn’t get married he also curses it, that is the irony hidden in confusion. It makes you go through a process making you feel that doing it would have been but at the same time there are 100% chances that the other path could have been the same.

This is seemed confused or what? Well it can be because I am not giving any solutions here I am just trying to tell that what works for me, what trick me come out of the confusion. So what I finally was able to conclude was it is easy to come out of the hole of confusion if only we get elevated and look at problems from an exalted vision. All it needs is INTROSPECTION, RETROSPECTION and PATIENCE… Every confusion gets solved by it but the point is we be able to do that at the right time, I am able to do it only when my friends (Ohh my dear friends, I love you guys.) hold me back from going on the wrong way named as HASTE.

I don’t know what will work for other people but there is always something for everyone, deep inside our conscious knows it too but we tame it because we know that listening to conscious can make us feel mad about ourselves so we tend to ignore the inner voice and let our HOPES, ASSUMPTIONS and ILLUSIONS live. I know it is sad but that is what we do, don’t we? The way to run out of confusions is to keep the basic right and simple, using the 3 factors mentioned above is better than talking to millions of people and getting more confused rather than getting an answer.

Enough is Enough!!!

Every day I think that today I will sit down and kill the laze at once but I forget that to kill the laze I have to leave the laze too and I think I am too lazy to do it. Funny and confusing isn’t it? I know it is but today I am here one on one with my system. Today it will be clear by the idea that he has to face me for at least 4 hours every day because the amount of typos and grammatical errors I make it will take me that much time to finally click on the “publish” button.

When I was thinking on what to write and what not to, honestly I had no idea of either so I have decided to write share what and my conscious sit on a hot plate so I pick in it and place it on the chair in front of the computer blessed with an Internet connection. It may sound cliché but this is honest, this is what happened.

I was hooked in watching Julie & Julia the last night at 1 am and the role of Amy Adams or Julie Powell just clicked with my inner conscious. I just started wondering that what if I also get rejected by every publisher I visit to , what if I am never able to complete my novel (There will be a distinguish post about this issue but let’s continue for now) and what if I am never able to be tagged along as a writer.

The thought screwed me, really screwed me bad and hard so hard that I reviewed the movie scene by scene in fact frame by frame (even noticed the box in which Meryl Streep aka Julia Child packed her manuscript to send to the publisher).The people who may read this may find it as a review of the movie which this is not, surely and definitely this is not ,this is just an influence of a good movie and a successful movie. Successful not because it made many dough of money, sure that counts but successful because it left an impact, it made a change in someone’s life (the “someone” here is me) or maybe in many lives, isn’t that what a successful movie is?

If not then maybe Superman Returns because it provoked cases of kids climbing up the roofs and jumping off from there which just a cape to rescue. That must be a successful movie isn’t it? Well it made bigger bucks too.

As the movie proceeded I felt an energy stream running in my body which pushed me to do what i am doing right now, WRITING.

I hope this enthusiasm and as BEP (Black Eyes Peas) named there recent album ENERGY NEVER DIES… E.N.D…